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The following are the key concepts in Walrus.


Connectors are components that integrate with third-party services. Walrus supports various types of connectors, including Kubernetes clusters, IaaS cloud providers, version control systems, and customizable integrations with any other system.


Projects are your workspaces for team collaboration. You can use projects to group connectors, environments, services, variables, and other resources. Within a project, you can manage application deployments in multiple environments.


Environments represent the deployment targets for applications, such as development, testing, production, etc.


Services are the deployment units of applications, typically containing configuration, images, and resources. Services are created using service templates.


In Walrus, templates refer to service templates used to define and describe various aspects of a service or application's configuration. Platform engineers are responsible for defining and maintaining templates. Application developers use templates to create services without needing to understand the infrastructure details associated with the templates.